Who We Are

Co-founded by Registered Dietitians, Stefania Palmeri and Colleen Miller, Dietitian for Me is a directory of dietitians offering fee-for-service nutrition care across the province of Ontario. Dietitian for Me was designed to be a user friendly public facing directory where site visitors can get connected with a dietitian who has the skill set and service offering that matches their needs. We brought our vision to life in creating a space where fellow dietitians and other healthcare professionals can themselves use the directory to assist patients in making these connections. Working collectively we can achieve so much and can support the future of dietetics.

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Our Mission

We are committed to protecting the position of dietitians in the fee-for-service market by:

  1. Connecting the public to service
  2. Reducing barriers in insurance utilization
  3. Enhancing public perceptions by highlighting nutrition therapy specialties.