Alexandra Friel Bhathal

Stop dieting. Start living.


    Much like telling someone that they should "buy low and sell high" to make money in the stock market, telling someone "eat less and exercise more" for weight loss has little value.  Utilizing the latest research Alexandra, along with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, will provide guidance and support, using the most effective methods of weight management.


    We don't believe in "ideal" weights at BMI, or simple measurements like body fat percentages to tell us or you what you "should" weigh. Instead our focus is around the central theme of what we refer to as "Best Weight", which is whatever weight you reach living the healthiest life you can honestly and realistically enjoy.


    Of course, as with anything complicated in life, there are proven strategies that greatly improve your odds of success. Over the course of our four phased program you'll learn how to use food to control it, rather than letting it control you. You'll learn to shut down your most powerful cravings, make friends with the all-powerful scale, how to indulge in previously forbidden foods, and that exercise isn't about how many calories you burn, but rather how much fun you can have burning them. Most importantly you'll learn that successful weight management isn't about suffering, but about organization and thinking.


    Since opening in 2004, the Bariatric Medical Institute has helped thousands of patients with their weight struggles. While we still follow many of the same principles from when we first opened our doors, our program is constantly improving as new research provides more and more insight into the struggles of this complex disease. What remains constant is that for each individual we provide individually and scientifically derived solutions, one-on-one, to help you discover your Best Weight.

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