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Note – When you create your first listing, you will be prompted to enter payment information and your account will be created which will enable you to create additional listings in the future. All new listings will temporarily show as Pending during which time you can make changes to your information. Once posted, any revisions you make to your listing(s) will again temporarily move to Pending status.


General Guidelines to Follow When Creating Your Listings

This website was designed to be flexible to allow those creating listings to be creative however, has some general guidelines to protect the integrity of the site. Failure to follow these rules may result in a delay receiving approval for your listing and/or removal from the site.

  1. When submitting or modifying a ‘1-on-1 Coaching’ listing, please select no more than three ‘Practice Focus’ categories. One of the key considerations when developing the site was the ability to highlight the diverse talents offered by Registered Dietitians
    in fee-for-service settings, while also highlighting that some Dietitian businesses are tailored to a practice focus or focuses. We’ve created a ‘General Practice’ category that you can select on its own, or in combination with other ‘Practice Focus’
    categories that speak to any practice focuses/niche areas your business caters to.
  2. This site is intended to promote fee-for-service (ie/ paid) services offered by Registered Dietitians.
    1. If part of your business model involves unpaid work (ie/ free seminars or workshops) we ask that you refrain from posting or promoting these on our site. We recognize that these types of offerings may be important to you and your business, so we have
      created a standard clause you may include on your ‘1-on-1 Coaching’ profile under the ‘Description’ field.

      ‘Additional services may be offered by this provider free of charge and are not listed on this site. Please visit providers website or contact directly for more information’

    2. If part of your business model involves work that is outside of the scope of a Registered Dietitian (ie/ you also teach yoga classes or offer personal training) we ask that you refrain from posting or promoting these on our site.

If you have any questions about these please contact